Houston roofers

Periodic roof inspections followed by timely repairs of the observed defects are essential operations that bring the following benefits to your Texas home:

  • Increasing the roof’s life span, which results in substantial savings due to the amortization of the initial investment. Maintaining a flat roof properly and regularly, together with a good design and installation, can even double its life.
  • Lowering the costs of cooling and heating the building by detecting subpar insulation and taking the necessary measures. For instance, in cold winters, depending on the existing heating system and thermal-waterproofing, monthly savings can be quite substantial.
  • Optimization of the costs of roof repairs – Roofing companies make their offers based on a pre-established list of tasks and typically include all the maintenance operations necessary for enjoying the efficiency of your roof for as long as possible.
  • Avoiding possible problems caused by water infiltrations, which may translate into unexpected costs with repairing interior finishes, furniture and equipment, and other objects affected by moisture etc.
  • Enhancing you’re the environment’s quality in your home – Water infiltrated into the house’s structure can lead to mold, which can be harmful to human health.

According to Houston roofers, the most common roof maintenance operations include:

  1. Cleaning the pluvial system

Having the role of draining the water from the roof, the pluvial system (gutters, downspouts, drainage holes etc.) must always be clean and unclogged. Leaves and other wind-borne debris tend to frequently accumulate in the gutters, blocking the water flow. Thus, there will be a high level of moisture on the roof, which will speed up the appearance of corrosion, rot, mold and infiltrations. Therefore, the condition of the pluvial system must be checked on a regular basis, accompanied if necessary by debris removal and in-depth roof cleaning.

  1. Trimming surrounding trees

Even if they provide shade on hot days, tall trees grown near the house can endanger the integrity of the roof. So, if you notice that some branches are stretched above the roof or too close to it, cut them down. In stormy conditions, or after they have dried, some of them can rub against the roof or even break and fall on it – something that should definitely be avoided, as the damage potential is extensive.

  1. Ventilation and insulation of the attic

If your Texas home has an attic, you should know that temperature variations in the attic can affect the structure of the roof. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate thermal insulation and ventilation, which will act as a barrier, preventing heat accumulation and moisture.

  1. Do not allow snow accumulation on the roof

In winters with heavy precipitations, snow that settles on the roof may put a significant pressure on it. The thicker the layer of snow, the greater is the risk of roof collapsing. Therefore, clean your roof often, or install a de-icing system to make sure that you are protected from the problems specific to the cold season.