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Storm damage can be serious business if you own an older roof that might be damaged more easily even by a mild thunderstorm. With winds traveling at close to 100 mph, a stronger storm might cause significant damage that has to be addressed as early as possible.


When you call a local roofing company to help you out, one of the first things that they’ll say is that they will have to perform a detailed roof inspection to find out exactly what’s wrong. Then they can formulate a plan of action that will provide you with precisely the repairs that your roof needs.


But how expensive is that initial inspection? When you look at the checklist of tasks involved, you might think that it’ll cost a lot of money. The truth is that some roofers will even do it for free to showcase their skills and show you why you should hire them for the repair or replacement project.


What Do Storm Damage Roof Inspections Involve?


Before starting to go into the details, roofers will want to inspect the exterior of your roof to see exactly what was damaged and why. This typically involves the roofer simply climbing a ladder and performing a visual examination. You might think that you can take care of this step yourself, however, the trained eye of an experienced roofer will spot even less common or less visible damage. They will also be able to determine what caused the damage (for instance, wind or hail) and draw a conclusion based on which a more detailed inspection of the interior and of the seemingly less affected areas of the roof could yield more results.


Following the visual inspection, your roofers will inspect the flashing, fasteners, skylights and gutter system more closely to ensure that everything is sealed and working properly. Then they’ll move on to conducting a routine storm damage inspection of the interior to see if there are any leaks or any problems associated with the ventilation and insulation of your roof.


Can All This Be Free?


Now a lot of the work involved with a roof inspection is definitely not easy. If the roof was heavily affected, it can be difficult to determine the full extent of the damage or to establish whether a roof repair is enough or it’s necessary to strip off the entire roof and install a new one.


Nevertheless, many established Castle Rock roofing companies will provide free roof inspections for two important reasons:


  1. It makes them look good and increases their reputation, as homeowners will see that they are committed to providing high quality services at the best price.
  2. It shows that the roofer is in it for the long run, and they’re not just there to get as much money out of homeowners as they can.


If you find a roofing company willing to provide you with a free roof inspection it’s, of course, still worth doing a background check on them to see if their claims check out. If they are licensed, bonded and insured, and if they have been in the local roofing industry for at least 5 years or so, chances are that they are legitimate and you can rely on them as long as they can prove that they’re willing and able to commit to the highest standards with their services.