The roofing materials market has developed rapidly, in recent years. This is good news, because there is a wide range of products and manufacturers to choose from, for all preferences and budgets. The less good news is that making a choice has become more difficult.

In this context, it is good to look for quality information about the options you have and the important aspects you need to take into account, when making the decision to buy certain roofing materials.

Each roofing system has its particularities and comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. In choosing the type of the roof, you must always take into account the climate in the area where the construction is located, since the resistance and durability of the roof relates to local weather conditions, as well as to the amounts of precipitation, rain and snow.

In Lincoln, the summers are humid, hot and mostly clear, while the winters are freezing, partly cloudy, with snow and wind. Over the course of the year, temperatures rarely go above 98°F and below -1°F.

Lincoln roofing contractors

Preferred Lincoln roofing contractors remind us that certain quality characteristics must also be taken into account, when choosing the right materials for your Lincoln home:

  • Energy efficiency: The materials used in the construction of the roof must actively contribute to energy conservation, reducing consumption and, ultimately, lowering utility bills.
  • Ventilation: Due to temperature differences between the inside and outside of the house, the phenomenon of condensation may occur. In order to prevent it, you must ensure good ventilation, and this aspect must be taken into account when you choose the materials for your roof.
  • Fire resistance: Given that, in most cases, the structure of the roof is made of wood, it is important that its covering has fireproof properties, guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Other aspects that you must take into account when choosing the type of covering materials are:

  • The size of the construction, which dictates the architectural solution and the shape of the roof
  • The economic aspect (your available budget)
  • Aesthetic considerations

Taking into account all this information, the most suitable roofing materials for your Lincoln home could be metal shingles and ceramic tiles, and here’s why:

Metal shingles

Metal shingles are durable and lightweight. The raw material for metal shingles is hot-dip galvanized steel, which is protected on both sides against corrosion, with a multilayer system that also helps maintain the color for a long time.

The installation technique for metal shingles provides almost perfect tightness. As for the resistance in time, it is excellent – a metal roof can have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

Ceramic tiles

The traditional ceramic tile has proved its effectiveness over time. It has clay as raw material and it stands due to its very high resistance to the action of weather: rain, frost, snow, hail, etc., being also fire proof.

Ceramic tiles ensure a good natural ventilation of the roof and a service life that can easily exceed 70 years.

One of the disadvantages of this material is related to its weight, which requires a very solid resistance structure, able to support both the total weight of the ceramic roof and the snow loading, in winter.

Specific damage that occurs in ceramic tiles is related to of cracks or chips – they can be caused by large hail or by negligence, when performing various works on the roof -, but the tiles are easy to replace and you will not have to worry about replacing the entire roof anytime soon.