Bamboo plants, because of a particular rhizome-subordinate framework, they are one of the quickest developing plants on the planet and their growth is three times speedier than most different types of plants. They are inexhaustible and to a great degree adaptable plants with multi-purpose utilization. Among numerous uses of bamboo, it is used in Housing. Which is one of the significant areas particularly in the wake of housing material deficiencies around the world.

Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets (CBRS) are a superb contrasting option to ridged metal, plastic or asbestos roofing sheets. They are created from a characteristic and practical asset and can be utilized to cover homes, storerooms, animal pens and numerous other impermanent or changeless structures. In a large number of the countries, bamboo is utilized to hold up suspension bridges or basically make areas of dwelling.


Bamboo is extraordinary compared to other roofing materials and gives sufficient solidness to the structure. It is a demonstrated shield against powers of nature or creatures and are extensively light weighted which makes them simple to introduce. The bamboo roofs envelop purlins, rafters and trusses.


Bamboo roofing sheets are nature friendly and a protected contrasting option to plastic, zinc or layered asbestos roofing boards. Rather than having chemically made roofs protecting your house and reflecting sunlight it is much better to use a more organic option.


Bamboo roofs have standard measurements as regular folded roofing sheets. They are calmer in the rain and cooler in the sun than regular metal or plastic sheets. An investigation has demonstrated that dairy animals in sheds roofed with bamboo yield more milk than those under ridged zinc sheets due to the cooler condition.


Bamboo sheets are solid and solid with phenomenal inner bond qualities and a high protection from weathering, fire or unwanted creepy crawly visitors. They have an appealing and common appearance and are very easy to work with as such.


Just bamboo and plastic creased sheets were tested as zinc and asbestos are non-burning materials. In this way, giving combustion proof execution. The pinnacle heat discharge rate of bamboo roofing sheets is almost 50% of the plastic sheets and the pinnacle heat discharge time seems later than that of the plastic when the two materials copy. At 180 second consuming time, the plastic sheet has no heat discharge, revealing its quicker burning speed.


Bamboo has the most minimal thickness and the most noteworthy water absorption proportion contrasted with plastic and asbestos which may impact its strength when exposed outside. Be that as it may, this trademark is anything but difficult to defeat when utilizing better resins in the production procedure or by applying a covered external layer.


The results have demonstrated that bamboo has a higher bending quality than folded asbestos board and would be enormously better than plastic sheets. This implies layered bamboo roofing sheets can persevere through bigger long-term load in when used for a greater period of time.


Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets have an incredible impact strength. They uncover a substantially higher striking power in comparison to asbestos sheets.