If you already talked to Panama City roofers about installing a new roofing material on your home, they probably already told you about the option of getting tile versus shingle roofing. While regular shingles might provide adequate protection at a discount, you’ll find that tile shingles are far more robust and reliable, and not just because of the materials they use.

Tile shingles have a structure that support your roof’s overall resilience and durability far more than regular shingles ever could. Moreover, with the help of a tile-based roof, you can protect your home more efficiently for a longer time, and without needing as much maintenance work as with a normal roof.

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The Structure of Tile Roofing Systems

Tile shingles are placed in a similar pattern to the tiles in your bathroom or to the bricks that make up the exterior walls of your home. This pattern, similar to a honeycomb pattern, is considered to be the most efficient way to install shingles on a sloped roof, simply because each tile is supported by the two below it.

On a sloped roof, this is an exceptional advantage, since water, hail and snow tend to constantly push the tiles down, and this support system will prevent them from caving in or being damaged as easily.

Moreover, roofing tiles are typically made from materials that are extremely tough and durable. Were they made from something like asphalt or a basic composite material, they wouldn’t withstand too much abuse on a regular basis. However, since they are typically provided as terra cotta or slate shingles, you’ll find that they can withstand the elements and the test of time much better than a variety of other roofing materials – including wood, asphalt and even most types of metal.

Is the Added Price Worth It?

What most people complain about is that tile shingles are pricier and more difficult to install than regular shingles – a difficulty that also translates into a greater investment, as you have to pay more to hire a more skilled contractor, so you can make sure that the roof is properly installed.

Fortunately, once your roof is installed, you’ll quickly see that the extra payments are well worth it. The new roof will perform exceptionally well in the rain, even requiring a lot less maintenance and cleaning than regular shingle roofs. Fewer repairs will also be required, since the smaller and better supported tile shingles are much better than regular shingles and wood shakes in this respect.

Finally, opting for tile shingles will extend the lifespan of your roof to a remarkable extent. A slate roofing system in particular can last for up to 150 years or more. So if the installation is successful, and if you employ all the necessary measures to take care of basic maintenance on an annual basis, then there’s no reason why your roof can’t last even longer than that.

Overall, it’s easy to see why tile roofing has become so popular in recent years. Due to its remarkable practical features and impressive appearance, most Panama City roofers would definitely recommend it, despite the added costs.