Denver Roofing Company

Spring has sprung and stormy weather returns to Denver. Over the past two years hail storms have caused billions of dollars in damage. Insurance claims for Denver roof replacement and automobile damages reached record levels. As a result, Denver roofing companies have flourished during this time. The other result of these storms was attracting hordes of out-of-state roofers looking for some easy sales.

Consumers On-Guard

Consumers are more savvy now about properly vetting roofing companies. There are still people who fall prey to slick-talking sales people, not knowing this person is from out of State, and is living in a rented hotel room for three months. The best way to protect yourself as a consumer is to make sure the company you are working with is truly local. This means that ownership is here in Colorado.

Truly Local Denver Roofing Company

Denver roofing company New Roof Plus is committed to improving the consumer experience and transparency of the relationship between Insurance Carriers, Contractors and Policy Holders (Homeowners and Building Owners). As a Colorado born and bred operation, New Roof Plus has a motto, “Building New Roofs and Relationships”. This motto reflects our company culture and the ethics and integrity we work from every day. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that if we can build a relationship with each customer, we will also build a fantastic roof the customer will love. Truly local Denver roofing companies would all aspire to this ideal. People buy who they like. You have to be great but likable also. New Roof Plus strives for this ideal every day.

5 Star Reviews for New Roof Plus

We talk about getting a 5 star review from the start with every potential customer. A 5 star review is our goal every time. This is our performance report. The 5 star reviews tells us we are living up to our mission of being a great roofing company that provided a great experience for our customer.

If we fall short of 5 stars, we take it very seriously, analyze our processes and work to ensure we are better next time.

Denver Roofing Inspector

Roofing damage from a storm can be easy to detect or it could be hard. Sometimes a completely destroyed roof appears normal and only a trained eye would know. New Roof Plus is certified by Haag, the gold standard for Roof Inspectors in the US.

Very few Denver roofing companies are Haag Certified. Why? Because it’s a hard test and it is expensive. New Roof Plus Managing Partner Greg Jones is Haag Certified for Residential Roof Inspections and Certified for Commercial Roof Inspections. If you are going to get a roof inspection, you might as well get a trained expert up there. Don’t allow the out of town roofing gypsy who is untrained and sleeping in the Denver hotel for three months up there.

Many Denver Roofing Choices

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, the process of picking the right Denver roofing contractor starts with looking at reviews. Reviews, and lots of them, give you a good sense of what others have experienced before you.

Next, you need to read the responses to the reviews. This will give you some indicator of the ownership. No replies to great reviews? Why not?

Most manufacturer labels on contractor websites are bought by the contractor with an agreement to sell their product. These designations are of marginal value to you as a consumer.

Your goal is to find a great, truly local Denver roofing company who will do great work and you will enjoy the process. A good place to start is with New Roof Plus. Call for a Free Certified Inspection and Estimate.