roofers Loganville

A roof does not last forever, and building owners must be constantly preoccupied with the condition of their roof. There are several warning signs that indicate different types of damage; by taking the time to look for these following symptoms, you can determine whether or not it is time to call in the best professional roofers Loganville has to make the necessary repairs or even install a new roof.

  1. Stains – Discoloration and stains in the attic, on the ceilings and interior walls is a warning sign that the roof has some problems. Stains are a result of water infiltration, moisture and mold, which happens when the roof`s waterproofing membrane or shingles are broken, or them the ventilation system is not adequate.
  2. Moisture – If you notice signs of moisture in the attic that persist even after the rain is over, your roof is likely leaking, which means there is one or more vulnerable areas that must be fixed. Broken or missing shingles and flashing as well as clogged gutters and downspouts represent the main causes.
  3. Dirt – You can tell if your roof is dirty by simply observing it from the ground. Dirt affects the overall aspect of the roof, by shading off colors. When it comes to certain roofing materials, it is not just dirt, but also vegetation growth that affects the roof: algae, moss etc. Sometimes, you may notice darker spots that may be a sign of mold formation or be caused by environmental pollutants. On the other hand, a clean aspect of the roof is not necessarily a good sign, especially in case of old roofs, because it can be a result of the loss of shingles` granulation, which is another type of damage that must be assesses promptly.
  4. Broken parts – Different areas of the roof may be damaged by different causes: very bad weather, mechanical impact, but also poor ventilation and lack of maintenance. Broken parts are typically easy to identify during inspections.
  5. Cracking paint – When the paint on the exterior or interior walls gets darker and cracks with no apparent reason, it is a symptom that indicates roof problems, particularly excessive heat and moisture buildup in the attic due to lack of proper ventilation. If the ventilation problem is not fixed quickly, you may end up replacing your entire roof.
  6. Leaks – If there are leaks inside the attic, after a thick layer of ice forms on the roof, this can mean problems. The cover materials and/ or the waterproofing layer may be inadequate, allowing melted ice water to penetrate the roof system.
  7. Missing tiles or shingles – The roof cover should be examined visually all the time. If there are missing or cracked tiles/ shingles, you will have to replace them promptly.
  8. High energy bills – When you notice that you pay more money for heating/ cooling your home by the indoor comfort is not so good as it should be, it is a sign that you may have poor roof ventilation, which in turn may cause the heating and cooling system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.